Be your own best friend

Today I want to talk about self love, and how important it is to have relationships with ourselves.

If you have not yet seen my episode of Wellness Wednesday on 'self love' then you can check it out here...

This is my first time ever blogging about anything. This may be totally confusing, completely mad and absolutely over the moon mushy gushy. You might hate me, think I am nuts and annoying but I am going to think of this blog as my own little universe where I can express my thoughts openly and you can't stop me!

1. Your presence is YOUR superpower

I just want to start by saying that you are amazing just the way you are. You are capable not just today but everyday. Remember to take time for you, show some love to your self because you are beautiful and you deserve all the good vibes. I hope that after reading this you understand how important you are and how much you need you. Sure the stereotypical methods of 'self love' may be buying/receiving flowers, getting an epic sparkly lush bath bomb that will probably stain your tub, going shopping (treat yo self). BUT lets reevaluate this for a hot second. Sometimes self care and self love is saying no, realizing your worth and appreciating your own presence.


2. Not all heroes wear capes

Sometimes you just feel like you over did it. I like to joke and say that I am like Monica from friends, but introverted. I am extremely organized (like highlighters, post its, multiple planners and calendars organized) I need to be in charge and I am a neurotic, anxious, little bunny with a huge heart who will cook for you and take care of you until I can no longer function.



I am an independent contractor meaning my work days are infinite. I have to be sure to carefully organize and plan what I do in order to avoid over extending my efforts and spreading myself too thin...yet this still manages to happen, how odd? Here is where self love will be your best friend.

Self care & self love does not have to be roses and bath bombs and shopping sometimes it is staying in, finally washing your hair, not being so hard on yourself because you ate too much pizza and didn't get enough cardio in. You are emotionally and mentally drained from spreading your self thin all week, you are mentally exhausted from working late, you forgot to eat your fruits and veggies, got take away a few times too many AND your workouts weren't so consistent. So what? Life goes on and this does not change your value in ANY way. You are still amazing!

As the days go by you count down to the weekend, what most people consider is 'the best part of the week'. Come the end of the week you desperately need to divert your attention but maybe you feel torn because these 'sacred' 2-3 days are finally here and you want to go out and get drinks with friends.


Be your own best friend. It may take a little more effort at first and you may be screaming inside wondering if you made a mistake by staying in but I promise you it will be worth it. Listen to your intuition. Do whatever you need to do for YOU to feel fulfilled and whole. It is okay to be alone. It is okay to hangout with yourself, rent a movie, dance around your house or apartment, be silly, smile, wash that nasty hair. Or you could catch up on the laundry that was making you anxious because you have had no underwear the last 3 days. Not all heroes wear capes.

3. But WHY is self love so important?

We need to take care of ourselves before we can give ourself to others. If you don't take the time to regulate that crazy schedule, refocus your energy and pay attention to what YOU need then you will eventually get sick, you will feel a range of emotions.

I myself notice I start to feel hypersensitive to the world around me. I start feeling negative emotions like not being good enough, strong enough, pretty enough, fit enough. I feel unappreciated, worthless, sad and depressed. But whats sad is you are just the opposite. I am just the opposite. You are special, you are uniquely you and no one can replace you. It is important to not let your insecurities start belittling you and this is where all that self love starts to pay off.

You have 2 voices in that head, voice number one is yelling at you, bringing you down, shining a light on all your 'flaws' picking you apart and unraveling you at your seams. Voice number two you is like,

"Hey, do you know how strong you are? How much better you are then all these dark emotions. Shine, baby, shine that light through all that darkness and keep going. Nothing lasts forever, life goes on and so can you. Choose happiness, choose love, take it easy on that pretty little heart. Be your best YOU, unconditionally." 

Your presence is your superpower, be nice to yourself and take advantage of that awesome person inside of you. By making little changes in your mindset you may begin to take better care of yourself and carry yourself differently. When you believe what you say, what you feel, you act on it, and you attract those things in response. The next time you have a rough week it won't be so bad because along the way you were there for yourself. You cheered yourself on, took care of you.

It is imperative that we take the time to appreciate ourselves, and not just on the weekends, but little by little each and every day. If you begin to experience darkness, stress, anxiety, challenge that emotion with an affirmation that defies that because YOU are ENOUGH. I am enough. Choose yourself, choose to be your very best you and to love the good AND the bad. We are all growing and evolving each day. Each day is a lesson and another chance to reach our infinitely best life. THAT is why self love is so important.