There is always room to begin again. The more time passes the more I truly begin to learn those words. As I watch myself be reborn time and time again. I have been feeling a call to broaden the scope of my community.

 I am a cook, a yoga teacher, product designer, author and a bit of a plant alchemist. I want a place to share all that I love as well as share the words and wisdom of people who have been my teachers, my friends, my sisters and family throughout these years of building this space.

I am not fully healed,
I am not fully wise,
I am still on my way.
What matters is that
I am moving forward.
— Yung Pueblo

 What better way to share than by starting a collaborative blog space? A place where we can openly discuss the beautiful things along with the tough things. A place for mouthwatering recipes, tips and tricks to veganism and the impact of being vegan on our planet. A place to speak openly about mental health, healing trauma, self love, radical acceptance, creativity and exploration, relationships, illness, grief. All of it.

 When we remain curious, open and ready to learn we allow ourselves to constantly be in a sate of growth.

I hope you will join me on this new adventure. Let’s embrace one another and the gift of exploration and discovery.